Ambassador for South American music : Irma Goebel Labastille

The Good Neighbor Policy was a U.S. policy initiative enacted by FDR in the early 1930s. Up until this point, a large part of the interaction between North and South America was military. This high-tension scenario was far from ideal, expensive, and not conducive to successful relations. Soon a new way of looking at diplomacy evolved, one that put forth the idea that cultural exchange, … Continue reading Ambassador for South American music : Irma Goebel Labastille


Now that Election Day has come and gone, the ads and flyers we received almost daily in our mailboxes  have disappeared. The ballot this year wasn’t just about electing a President, but also included choices that affect all levels of local, state and national government. Races were held throughout the country for Senators, Representatives, City Councilors, amendments to state laws, county Judges, Mayors, Commissioners and more. Many of these … Continue reading CAMPAIGN MATERIALS

Missing the View from Above: aviation photographs from digital collections

When people talk about things they miss during this time of COVID19 restriction, it’s typical to hear things like parties, restaurants, bars, shopping, and other leisure activities which physical distancing has limited or eliminated entirely. One thing I never thought I would miss was the sound of planes flying low over my house. I live blocks from the airport and spent most of my childhood … Continue reading Missing the View from Above: aviation photographs from digital collections

The Magic of Miami

Many cites have well-known monikers, so instilled into their public identity that we barely have to think about the association when we hear “the Windy City” or “the City that Never Sleeps”, or even “Sin City”. Oddly enough, you’d be hard-pressed to find even some native Miami residents who know that Miami is called “the Magic City” and why. Miami is among some of the … Continue reading The Magic of Miami

Earth and Archives

Spring is here, along with a plethora of Earth-related holidays to celebrate our planet and bring us together, including International Day of Forests (March 21), World Water Day (March 22) Manatee Appreciation Day (March 25), Arbor Day (April 10) and Earth day (April 22). Working here in Special Collections, it’s easy to wonder what a library devoted to rare books and manuscripts of the past … Continue reading Earth and Archives