Earth and Archives

Spring is here, along with a plethora of Earth-related holidays to celebrate our planet and bring us together, including International Day of Forests (March 21), World Water Day (March 22) Manatee Appreciation Day (March 25), Arbor Day (April 10) and Earth day (April 22).

Working here in Special Collections, it’s easy to wonder what a library devoted to rare books and manuscripts of the past could possibly have to say about these holidays and this season which is so rooted in growing the future. The answer is simple: often, when we look to the past, our present and future become even clearer.

            Arbor Day is celebrated by hundreds of countries around the world, and while each has its own history and traditions, the unifying concept behind it is the spirit of growth, and believing that investing time and energy towards enhancing the future is worth it, even if it is a future some of us might not be around to see. Special Collections and UM libraries are all about maintaining the now for the sake of bettering the future and so we hope that every student, staff, faculty, and member of the South Florida community can find something within our walls that inspires them to continue the ever-evolving story of growth and caring for our planet.

            Whether you’re a student looking for some inspiration for a project or assignment, a lover of history and literature, an artist with a passion for nature-focused work, or anyone who believes in the message of compassion towards our Earth, Special Collections has something for you to delve into this season. Here are some of our collections to get you started:

Marjory Stoneman Douglas Papers:

Florida Photograph Album Collection:

Florida Photograph Collection:

Finlay B. Matheson Collection:

Richard B. Hoit Photograph Collection:

Ralph M. Munroe Family Papers:

Of course, if you ever need some inspiration on getting involved in the community, look no further than the volunteer network at UM.